Ready to Assemble Corner Cabinets, End Panels and Filler Cabinets

Cabinet, 40"X40" wide - Easy Finish (EZCC4040SC)

Cabinet - Easy Finish (EZEP3SC) 3" Wide 6 Right Side End Panels, 3" Wide

Cabinet, 6" wide - Easy Finish (EZFP6SC)

Cabinet, 12" wide - Easy Finish (EZFP12SC)

Opening Size is Determinded by Oven Model

All cabinets come pre-drilled with bolts, nuts and washers to ensure proper alignment of cabinets as well as quick and easy assembly.

Why should you add corner, end panels and filler cabinets?

Adding corner, end panels, and filler cabinets to your outdoor kitchen structure is a great way to maximize storage space and create a polished, seamless look. These components are especially useful for outdoor kitchens, where space is often limited and every inch counts. At EZ Finish Outdoor Systems, we offer a variety of high-quality corner, end panel, and filler cabinets that are designed to complement our outdoor kitchen structures. These cabinets not only add functionality to your outdoor kitchen, but also protect the edges of your cabinets from damage, and fill gaps between cabinets to ensure a visually cohesive look. Made from durable materials that can withstand the elements, our corner, end panel, and filler cabinets are the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance the storage and aesthetics of their outdoor kitchen.

Add Your Own Accessories

You can add any accessory you want, you do not have to use the ones in the photos below.

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Freequently Asked Question
Corner, end panels, and filler cabinets are components that are added to outdoor kitchen structures to enhance their functionality and appearance. They are designed to fill gaps between cabinets, protect the edges of cabinets from damage, and create a polished, seamless look.
The addition of corner, end panels, and filler cabinets to outdoor kitchens can significantly enhance their storage capacity and visual appeal. These components can help to maximize space in a limited area and create a cohesive, polished look. Additionally, they can protect cabinets from damage and help to prolong the life of the outdoor kitchen structure.
While corner, end panels, and filler cabinets are not necessarily required for an outdoor kitchen, they can greatly enhance the functionality and appearance of the space. They can help to create a visually appealing, polished look and provide additional storage space, which is often crucial in an outdoor kitchen.

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